Groz-Beckert Needles

We are proud to be the New Zealand agents for Groz-Beckert SMN and HN, this covering Sewing Machine needles for all applications and machines along with Hooks and Awls. As agents for Groz-Beckert we are now issued with a certificate annually from Germany to show we are official suppliers of authentic Groz-Beckert needles, click here to view our current certificate.

Since 1980 Groz-Beckert have been making precision needles that are sewing into every material along with every knitted and woven fabric throughout the globe.

Everyday Groz-Beckert continue to grow their portfolio with new variants for its partners in the sewing industry.

For any product inquiries or requirements e-mail us with your needle question through the form below and one of our sales team will reply promptly with answers for you or you can call us directly at 0800TERRYS.