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Sewing Needles

We are proud to be the New Zealand agents for Groz-Beckert Sewing Machine Needles and Hooks & Awls.

The world's leading needle supplier, Groz-Beckert have been making precision needles for the textile industry for over 30 years.  Covering all textile requirements including highly complex special applications Groz-Beckert leads with innovation and technical expertise to ensure your product is perfectly produced.


As official agents for Groz-Beckert we hold an annual certificate of authenticity for all Groz-Beckert needles. 


Industrial Sewing Machines

Ensuring that all sewing needs are precisely and efficiently met, Groz-Beckert supply end users around the world with various specific recommendations for applications.

  • Apparel – The San 10 can assist with finer fabrics. The fine needle can be used on both knit and woven fabric, which is a benefit to every clothing maker as a needle change for the fabric change is not required. View more.

  • Knitwear – The San 10 has been made to assist in the finer fabrics including knitwear. View more.

  • Leather – To ensure perfect seams we cover all your cutting point styles. View more.

  • Canvas, Heavy Textiles, Outdoor – The San 5 will assist you in all those heavy duty textile applications. View more.

  • Curtain makers – To assist in those heavy fabrics Groz-Beckert have produced the V needle, which works perfectly on blind hemmers. View more.

  • Point styles – The right choice of point has a significant effect on the finished sewing results. The right needle tip will give you optimum results. View more.

Embroidery Machines

Groz-Beckert produce needles for all your embroidery applications.

From general embroidery use needles to specialised embroidery, we carry a large range of Schiffli needles.

Domestic Machines

Aside from the industrial Groz-Beckert needles, we also carry a full range of domestic needles for all your domestic sewing machine applications.

The 130/705 system is universal to all domestic sewing machines.

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