Apparel/Garment Threads

Our apparel and garment thread range consists of Speedspun, Speedcore PP and Speedfil. These products are carried in a variety of weights and shades to accomodate the industry needs.

Please click to the following to view our shadecard for the above three ranges, please use this a a guideline only.

You can also download this Gunzetal shadecard for your special dyes.

Additional shades, these are shades we have dyed to order for customers and are carried in various weights and sizes. Following your shade guide above, click here to view our current stock lines.

Spun Polyester – Speedspun – Zabre

We carry a full range of 100% Spun Polyester in our Speedspun brand – Venus. A 100% Spun Polyester sewing thread with superb color fastness and top performance for light, medium and heavy fabrics.

See our list of Spun Polyester Threads here…

Core-Spun – Speedcore PP (Poly/Poly) – Nukor

We carry a full range of Core-Spun threads in our Speedcore PP brand. This thread offers excellent sewability, color fastness under dry heat, washing and sunlight.

See our list of Core Spun Speedcore PP Threads here…

Core-Spun – Speedcore CP (Cotton/Poly)

We carry a limited stock of Cotton covered Core-Spun as we have moved mainly to carrying Speedcore PP core-spun.

View our Cotton Covered Core Spun brochure here.

Continuous Filament – Speedfil – Miton

We carry a full range of Continuous Filament threads in our Speedfil brand – Venus. V-Fil is Venus high tenacity polyester multifilament sewing thread designed specially for sewing on high quality products.

See our list of Continuous Filament Speedfil Threads here…

Textured Polyester – SpeedTex – Flexo

Flexo is a textured filament thread which exhibits excellent seam coverage. It’s elasticity makes it particularly suitable for use as a looper thread in overedging operation. It is also widely used in flatlock applications.

Download our Flexo Textured Polyester Thread brochure here…

As thread suppliers we carry a large array of threads for all sewing applications. We will try our best to ensure your production keeps running, this from our great service, product range and prompt delivery throughout the country.

Ask Us

From the above information we now trust you know what thread type is best suited to your application, however to ensure you are supplied the correct product please contact our sales team directly and advise us of your application or requirement. You can contact us through the form below, from here someone will reply promptly from our sales office to assist or call us directly at 0800TERRYS.


We look forward to growing our business with you.