Technical Sewing Threads

Technical threads cover a wide variety of end users. Listed below are our main lines of thread that fall into this field.

Bonded Polyester

As authorized distributors for A&E threads our portfolio includes Anefil Bonded Polyester, this we carry in many counts for all your sewing applications. Black is also carried in Solution Dyed make-up to give the best colour fastness possible from this product. We carry ranges from T45 to T350 ex our store.

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Now available within our Bonded Polyester range, Sunstop is A&E’s twisted multifilament polyester with advanced UV protection and nonwicking finish specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required.

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Bonded Nylon

We carry a full range of Bonded Nylon 6.6 in counts from 8m to 80m, this covering all applications for the product with a good selection of shades. We also have a large colour range in our Venus Bonded Nylon from the UK. We also have Netbond threads, a new Bonded Nylon 6.6 carried ex our store produced in Europe with colour range which grows weekly.

We also have stocks of Anefil Nylon, including the new UV treated Anefil Bonded Nylon.

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Nomex / Kevlar

For all of your Fire Retardant requirements we carry a selection of both Nomex and Kevlar products. Available in a variety of colors including uniform shades. Ideal for seaming protective clothing and is available in common uniform colors.

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Monofilament Thread

We carry a full range of monofilament thread products that are used for different applications, such as curtains and drapes, handbags, blankets, bed covers, caps and hats, stuffed toys, furniture, etc.

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Braided Polyester

Now stocking Braided Waxed threads in both Machine and Hand stitching make-up – mainly used in footwear though can be used in other applications.

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Rosso – Toe Closing Yarn

Call us today to order your Rosso yarn for your Toe Closing applications. We at Terry Apparel carry a good range of shades including Ecru and Jet plus many more.

WR Series – Water Repellent Thread

The WR series is produced with a special water-repellent finish, which ensures that no water is absorbed by the thread. It has an excellent resistance to the capillary effect, thus reducing the passage of water through the needle hole and seam. The WR searies is manufactured and distributed by Gunzetal.

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PTFE Thread

EAS offers high strength PTFE/Teflon continuous fiber thread, which incredibly resistant to rays UV, external climatologic agents, chemical agents and temperature changes.

PTFE fiber yarn is made by Polytetrafluoroethylene resin. Clarified by different yarn forming technology, there are TF type and STF type PTFE yarn.

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Ask Us

From the above information we now trust you know what thread type is best suited to your application, however to ensure you are supplied the correct product please contact our sales team directly and advise us of your application or requirement. You can contact us through the form below, from here someone will reply promptly from our sales office to assist or call us directly at 0800TERRYS.


We look forward to growing our business with you.