Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles are supplied by Terry Apparel Ltd.

Please veiw our official agents certification supplied annually by Groz-Beckert in Germany to ensure our customers are supplied with the authentic Groz-Beckert needles.

For all your sewing applications Groz-Beckert produce the right system for you. These are supplied to end users within the sewing industry throughout the world.

Listed below are a few applications that my apply to you or your customer. Please click on the application you require to view the current recommendations from Groz-Beckert.

  • Enviroment – Groz-Beckert are Green in more than one way.
  • Apparel – The San 10 can assist with finer fabrics and due to the fine needle can be used on both Knit and Woven fabric, this alone is a benifit to every clothing maker as needle change for fabric change is not required.
  • Knitwear – The San 10 has been made to assist in the finer fabrics including knitwear.
  • Leather – For all your cutting point styles view here.
  • Canvas, Heavy Textiles, Outdoor – The San 5 will assist you in all those heavy duty textile applications.
  • Curtain makers – To assist in those heavy fabrics Groz-Beckert have produced the V needle, try this on your blind hemer and enjoy the results.
  • Point styles – To ensure you are using the correct needle point look at me.

The above are our reccomendations though you may also require other systems that I’m sure we will carry ex our Auckland store.

To ensure we supply you with the correct system for your application please email us with your machine make and model references through the contact form on the right side of this page and one of our sales team will reply with our Groz-Beckert recommendation.

Ask Us

From the above information we now trust you know what needle type is best suited to your application, however to ensure you are supplied the correct product please contact our sales team directly and advise us of your application or requirement. You can contact us through the form below, from here someone will reply promptly from our sales office to assist or call us directly at 0800TERRYS.