Along with Sewing Threads and Groz-Beckert needles our portfolio also includes a wide range of accessories for your production floor.


Terry Apparel is a proud distributor of the new Can-Gun1 in New Zealand, this being a spray can tool making everyday spraying easier and more profitable.


Currently we carry Continuous Coil in #3, #4 and #5 including invisible zipping. The full range of zipping can be ordered from our principle – Chun Ming Zippers. Call us today or email us with the form below with your zipping query and let us handle your requirements.

Silicone Spray

  • Ezi-way silicone spray is our own branded Silicone Spray used throughout the manufacturing industry for many applications.
  • Silicone Fluid / Sewing Machine Oil – Silicone Fluid is sold by the 5 litre container and Sewing machine Oil by the litre container.


We carry a extensive range of scissors for many applications. As agents for Groz-Beckert needles we are proud to also offer their scissor brand Schlemper, these are German made scissor with all the attributes of fine German made quality.

Klein Cutlery scissors from USA now stocked by Terry Apparel Ltd, ask us today about our range.


As noted above, Groz-Beckert carry the brand Schlemper and this range includes the straight and curved snips. As for embroidery snips/scissors we carry the Gunold GMBH small 572 and large 573 curved snips.

For general day to day applications, check out our Orange Clipper, these sold by the box 12x.

Tagging Products

We carry and promote the well known brand of Avery Dennison tag guns and needles. These are supported by our Red Arrow tag pins, which include dyed Black pins for the fashion and curtain trade. To check on sizes for your needs contact us today.


Try our 6″ bent deluxe tweezer, sold by the each.


We currently carry the Plastic snaps and are also a sub agent for the Universal range of the  snaps from the USA.

Tailors Chalk

We carry a full range of Tailors chalk for your production requirements.

Marking Pens, Pencils

Try our NEW Air-Erasable marking pens, or for day to day marking pencils ask for the Dressmaking pencil

Hook and Loop Fasteners

Try our new addition to our accessories, hook and loop fasteners from Faswell.

Please email our office through the form below with your accessory request and one of our sales team will reply with our recommendation for you.


Download this GUIDE FOR THREAD CONSUMPTION PER GARMENT from Terry Apparel Limited.

Ask Us

From the above information we now trust you know what needle type is best suited to your application, however to ensure you are supplied the correct product please contact our sales team directly and advise us of your application or requirement. You can contact us through the form below, from here someone will reply promptly from our sales office to assist or call us directly at 0800TERRYS.